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Artukovich’s project history is comprised of the construction of both large and small diameter pipelines. A typical project consists planning and assembling an efficient crew to excavate, lay and backfill the pipeline. Jobs vary from 40 ft deep in sandy or wet conditions requiring solid sheet shoring to 100% blasting through Granite Rock. Some of our notable projects include:


Metropolitan Water District


  • Palos Verde Feeder: 60,000 feet of 36-inch water line

  • Ramona Pipeline through Baldwin Park: 42,000 feet of 72-inch water line

  • Barrel Number 2: 52,000 feet of 72-inch Steel/RCP water line installed on slopes of 60 and 70% slopes with 100% blasting of blue granite rock

  • 57th Street Job: 50,000 feet of 54-inch welded steel water line

  • El Segundo to South Gate: 94,000 feet of 54-inch welded steel pipeline

  • Barrel Number 3: 52,000 feet of 72-inch welded steel pipe, 60-70% slopes 100% blasting

  • Irvine California: 40,000 feet of 72-inch pipeline

  • Third San Diego Aqueduct Pipeline: 50,000 feet of 96-inch PCP

  • San Diego Pipeline Number 5: 55,000-feet of 96-inch CMLC Welded Steel Pipeline


San Francisco Water Department


  • Bay Division Pipeline Number 3: 90,000 feet of 72-inch welded steel pipe

  • Bay Division Pipeline Number 4, Section “A” and Pipeline No.3 of the Alameda Creek Siphon: 45,000 feet of 96-inch Steel Pipeline including 190 feet of jacked pipe

  • Bay Division Pipeline Number 5: 90,000 feet of 91-inch welded steel pipe


Los Angeles County Sanitation District


  • Joint Outfall “B” Unit 1-A: 12,000 feet of 144-inch and 4,000 feet of smaller diameter pipe, the largest pipeline in Los Angeles County’s history

  • Interceptor Sewer, Section 2: 7,200 feet of 63-inch to 57-inch RCP of which 405 feet of which were jacked

  • Interceptor Trunk Sewer, Section 1B: 5,800 feet of 75-inch and 42-inch RCP

  • Interceptor Trunk Sewer, Section 2: 7,000 feet 24-inch and 18-inch VCP

  • Joint-Outfall No. D, Unit 6: 12,000 feet of 39-inch and  33-inch RCP

  • 6,000 feet of 21-inch and 12-inch VCP sewer

  • North Long Beach Interceptor Sewer, Section 3: 10,000 feet of 21-inch VCP

  • El Nido Relief Trunk Sewer, Section No.2, 6,000 feet of 21-inch VCP

  • Joint Out-Fall J, Unit 1D Replacement Trunk Sewer: 3,447 feet of 30-inch and 24-inch HDPE fusion pipe

  • Trunk E Replacement Sewer, Section 1: 8,029 feet of  30-inch and 24-inch VCP

  • North Long Beach Interceptor Sewer Section No.4: 10,000 feet of 27-inch and 24-inch VCP

  • Wadsworth Ave-Long Street Trunk Sewer: 6,022 feet of 18-inch and 8-inch VCP

  • Mountain View Bell-Vernon Trunk Sewer: 2,367 feet of 24-inch and 4-inch VCP Sewer


Los Angeles County Flood Control


  • Storm Drain Project 6401: 8,000 feet of 57-inch and 15-inch RCP pipe

  • Storm Drain Projects 734 and 7201: 4,210 feet of 72-inch and 18-inch RCP pipe

  • Storm Drain Project 1402: 7,500 feet of 57-inch and 15-inch RCP pipe

  • Sepulveda Boulevard Extension B, Project 645 and Los Angeles Project 5224: 6,500 feet of 96-inch and 18-inch RCP pipe

  • Storm Drain Project 496, Unit III, Franklin Canyon and Los Angeles Project 5237: 13,200 feet of 78-inch and 18-inch

  • Strom Project 5211: 12,000 feet of 75-inch and 18-inch RCP pipe

  • Storm Drain Project 6450: 13,000 feet of 63-inch and 18-inch RCP

  • Storm Drain Project 9008, Unit 2: 3,500 feet of 72-inch and 18-inch RCP

  • Storm Drain Project 9617: 5,000 feet of 60-inch and 18-inch RCP

  • Storm Drain Project 9641, South Pasadena, Unit 2, Lines B, C and D: 8,500 feet of 48-inch and 18-inch RCP


City of San Diego


  • Metropolitan Sewer in San Diego: 30,000 feet of 87-inch sewer 27 feet below sea level in where a large section crossed the San Diego bay

  • Carroll Canyon Trunk Sewer: 35,000 feet of 33-inch and 15-inch VCP

  • Contract Water Group 531 B: 9,507 feet of 16-inch PVC and 8-inch PVC waterline

  • Miramar Road Pipeline: 25,000 feet of 36-inch CMLC Welded Steel pipeline


San Diego County Water Authority


  • Barrel Number 4: 50,000 feet of 72-inch water

  • Fourth Aqueduct: 56,000 feet of 91-inch RCP 60- 70% slopes, 100% blasting

  • Another Barrel of Aqueduct Number 4: 55,000 feet of 78-inch PCP pipe

  • Rehabilitation of Pipeline Number 3: 6,000-feet of 57-inch steel re-liner, the first re-lining project for the San Diego County Water Authority.


City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power


  • Franklin – Venice trunk Line, Unit IIB: 13,000 feet of 54-inch Welded Steel Pipe and 277 feet of 66-inch pipe casing


City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works


  • Emergency Sewer and Storm Drain Work $5,000 to $15,000,000

  • North Outfall Sewer, Phase 2: Relining of 2,820 feet of 48-inch x 56-inch Arch Sewer and 48-inch brick sewer. By-passing 27 million gallons of sewer daily for 9 month over the LA River, over 12,000 feet of 24-inch HDPE pipe, the largest sewage bypass system ever in the City of Los Angeles


West Basin Municipal Water District


  • Basin Recycling Program Contract R5: 25,000 feet of 48-inch and 36-inch CMLC Welded Steel Pipeline

  • Brine Line Pipeline: 28,600 feet of 14-inch PVC and 5,700 feet of 30-inch and 24-inch Welded Steel pipe and 5,700 feet if 12-inch Nitrified Product Lines

  • NRG Pipeline: 8,559 feet of 10-inch PVC reclaimed water line through methods of open trench excavation and pipe-jacking under highways, along with electrical vault work. This project was under contract with the City of El Segundo for the NRG power plant


Moulton Niguel Water District


  • Trabuco Interceptor Trunk Sewer: 34,000 feet of 39-inch and 30-inch VCP sewer

  • Transmission Mains, Contract 4-3-1: 16,000 feet of 36-inch and 16-inch Steel and AC water lines


City of Redondo Beach


  • 1-HUD-4, North Redondo Beach Project, Project 9804 Redondo Beach, Unit 1, Lines A and C: 4,800 feet of 78-inch and 18-inch RCP

  • Pacific Coast Highway and Beryl Street Storm Drain: 5,400 feet of 84-inch and 18-inch RCP


Aliso Water Management Agency


  • Aliso Creek Outfall On-Shore Portion: 5,800 feet of 48-inch RCP, 5,800 feet of 24-inch ACP and 5,000 feet of 8-inch and 12-inch ACP pipelines

  • North Coast Interceptor: 17,000 feet of 27-inch and  21-inch VCP, ACP and fiberglass pipelines


City of Escondido


  • Center City Parkway / Mission Avenue Trunk Sewer: 4,654 feet of 27-inch and 8-inch sewer

  • East Valley Parkway: 16,250 feet of 12-inch and 6-inch water line


Los Angeles County Department of Public Works


  • Topanga- Fernwood Replacement Pipeline: 4,000 feet of 18-inch steel water line with two bridge crossings

  • 4,000 feet of 18-inch CML&C steel pipeline


Irvine Ranch Water District


  • 10,000 feet of 42-inch and 36-inch sewer

  • 9,500 feet of 18-inch CML&C steel pipe, 5,000 feet of 12-inch PVC pipe


Yorba Linda Water District


  • 9,365 feet of 30-inch CML&C Steel water line

  • 10,000 feet of 12-inch and 8-inch PVC water main, 3,950 feet of 12-inch and 8-inch VCP sewer


South Coast Water District


  • Inspected and Repaired 18,000 feet of 60-inch pre-stressed water line

  • 2,065 feet of 30-inch CML&C water main, 280 feet of 10-inch PVC water main


City of Vista


  •  23,900 feet of 48-inch Interceptor Sewer and 36-inch and 24-inch VCP sewer


Arvin Edison Water Storage District


  • Discharge Pipeline for the pumping plant and two siphons: 19,100 feet of 132-inch PCP and two 144-inch siphons


City of Monrovia


  • Strom Drain Project 5601 in the Cities of Monrovia and Arcadia: 5,000 feet of 60-inch and 18-inch RCP pipeline.


San Dieguito Irrigation District


  • 8,700 feet of 54-inch welded steel pipe and 6,500-feet of ACP


City of Cucamonga Water District


  • Truck Sewer Lines: 70,000-feet of 21-inch and 8-inch RPMP pipeline.


City of Inglewood


  • Water Transmission Mains, Unit 11: 50,000 feet of 27-inch and 12-inch CML&C Steel Pipeline


Orange County Sanitation District


  • Yorba Linda Force Main: 7,000 feet of 30-inch DIP


Rio San Diego Municipal Water District


  • 5,500 feet of 36-inch steel water pipeline


City of National City


  • Sewer Project No.2: 37,000 feet of 18-inch and 4-inch VCP


City of Brea


  • High Pressure Water Mains, Phase I, II and III: 17,000 feet of 36-inch and 33-inch CMLC Steel Pipeline


County of San Diego


  • Jamacha Boulevard Trunk Sewer, Phase III-A, Project YE0127:  20,000 feet of 15-inch and 12-inch sewer


City of Santa Rosa


  • Effluent Disposal System, Phase IV: 35,000 feet of 42-inch and 33-inch CMLC Steel pipeline


City of Corona


  • Temescal Basin Blending System, Schedule I: 22,800 feet of 30-inch and 18-inch PCC waterline


Helix Water District


  • Flume Replacement Project 9211: 16,000 feet of 48-inch and 39-inch CMLC Steel Pipeline, 5,400 feet of 12-inch and 20-inch ACP and 1,826 feet of a 39-inch pipe tunnel replacement


Leucadia County Water District


  • Green Valley Interceptor: 5,600 feet of 24-inch VCP


Crescenta Valley County Water District


  • Wastewater Collection System, Schedule 2: 35,000 feet of 15-inch and 6-inch VCP


Calleguas Municipal Water District


  • Oxnard Santa Rosa Feeder, Unit 3: 10,500 feet 54-inch CMLC Welded Steel Pipeline


Santa Clara Valley Water District


  • Cross Valley Pipeline, Phase IV and Anderson Force Main & Coyote Discharge Line: 10,500 feet of 78-inch PCP water line.


County of San Joaquin


  • East Stockton Sanitary Project, Schedule D: 135,000 feet of 18-inch and 8-inch PVC Sewer and 2,500 6-inch and 4-inch house connections


Yucaipa Valley Water District


  • Improvements of Assessment District No.5: 40,000 feet of 12-inch and 8-inch VCP


Hesperia Water District


  •  District No.2: 24,608 feet of 12-inch PVC Sewer


Mesa Consolidation Water District


  • Southwest Transmission Main: 9,949 feet of 16-inch water mains


Santa Margarita Water District


  • South County Pipeline Project: 13,000 feet of 49-inch CMLC Welded Steel Pipe, 10,000 feet of 18-inch CMLC Welded Steel Pipeline and 10,000 feet of 16-inch PVC raw water


Los Angeles County Department of Public Works


  • Vincent Street Drain: 9,400 feet of 78-inch RCP


City of Newport Beach Water Utilities Department


  • Ground Water Development Project Reach 1: 8,452 feet of 36-inch and 16-inch DIP water mains


City of San Juan Capistrano


  • Trabuco De La Vista Sewer / Calle Santa Barbara to Oso Road: 4,510 feet of 15-inch and 8-inch VCP Sewer


Whispering Palms Community Sanitation District


  • La Zanja Canyon Assessment District Sewer, Section 1: 24,769 feet of 18-inch and 10-inch PVC Sewer line


City of Long Beach


  • Elm Avenue Interceptor Sewer / Broadway Trunk Line: 3,063 feet of 18-inch and 10-inch VCP Sewer


City of Simi Valley


  • 20,000-feet of 27-inch concrete pipeline

  • Los Angeles Street Sewer: 2,200 feet of 22-inch Hobas Sewer


City of Glendale Department of Water and Power


  • Diederich Reservoir Backup Pipeline: 3,050 feet of 30-inch water main and tied into 55 million gallon Diederich Reservoir.


City of Santa Fe Springs


  • I-5 Water Main Relocation Pipeline: 8,027 feet of 12-inch DIP, 4,045 feet of 14-inch DIP and 4,070 feet of 16-inch DIP with all appurtenances, Tunnel and Bore Shafts. This was for the I-5 Carmenita Road Expansion Segment


City of Pasadena Department of Water and Power


  • Eastside Well Collector Pipeline: 22,000 feet of 24-inch, 20-inch and 16-inch DIP water mains


City of Huntington Beach


  • Warner Avenue Gravity Sewer and Sewer Pump Station: 5,000 feet of 16-inch sewer force main. 100% dewatering with ground water at -4-feet. Excavation to 29-feet deep. Construct new pump station and valve vault


 Chino Basin Desalter Authority


  • Chino Desalter Phase 3 Product Water Pipeline: 37,000 feet of 30-inch CML&C Welded Steel Pipe and appurtenance including micro tunneling 900 feet of 42-inch steel casing under the Santa Ana River, 2,000 feet of 42-inch Pipe Jacking and 5 turnout structures

US Army Corps of Engineers- Los Angeles District

  • Carson Mall Lateral Phase II: 4,416 feet of 12-inch PVC, 229 feet of 12-inch DI recycled water pipeline with all appurtenances and 115 feet of 24-inch bore and jack casing


City of Santa Ana

  • Bristol Street Water Main Replacement Project: 4,708 feet of 16-inch PVC C905 DR14 water line with all appurtenances

City of Malibu

  • Civic Center Wastewater Treatment Facility- Phase 1, Pipelines and Pump Stations Project: 10,660 feet of 2-inch fiber optic, 13,360 feet of 8-inch, 6-inch and 4-inch HDPE recycled water, 10,240 feet of 8-inch and 6-inch HDPE sewer force main, 10,490 feet of 14-inch, 12-inch, 10-inch, 8-inch and 6-inch HDPE sanitary sewer, 4,067 feet of 42-inch, 36-inch, 30-inch and 24-inch bore and jack steel casing. Installation of 2 pump stations, 3 injections wells plus all appurtenances and tie into treatment plant



Project History
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