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The corporate level of Artukovich is comprised of experienced technical leaders with over 200 years of combined experience working on pipeline infrastructure projects. Our uniquely qualified team is poised to demonstrate a deep commitment to working relationships with each of our clients and we work diligently to meet every expectation. Since the commencement in 1919, Artukovich has successfully completed well over two hundred major pipeline projects and maintains an experienced team with the qualifications to continue for another century.

Construction Approach

As a result-oriented pipeline contractor with an unquestioned reputation for quality construction, Artukovich takes a proactive approach to ensure the quality and integrity of our work, from the administrative level through to our field personnel on all our projects. Our individual project team ensures that quality and safety are addressed on every level and the integrity of the work is of utmost importance.


On each project, we develop a site-specific approach that strives to achieve a uniform and high quality level of workmanship throughout all phases of procurement, fabrication, construction, final testing and delivery.

  Our Team  

After almost 100 years of pipeline construction, we have found that the keys to a successful project include:


  • Communication of expectations with the Owner, Supervisory Staff and Field Personnel

  • Conformance with contractual requirements

  • Adherence to the highest safety standards throughout the course of our work

  • Detailed documentation of all inspection, tests, changed conditions in relation to the specific project

  • Emphasis on quality workmanship and a finished project with adherence to the highest standards

  • Earning client trust


Our project approach encompasses many, if not all, of the following componets:


  • Provide community outreach and resident notification of impending work to protect the interests of the Owner with as little impact possible

  • Procure all necessary materials and equipment in a cost effective and timely manner to ensure prompt completion of the contemplated work

  • Provide experienced field personnel to achieve the highest standard of workmanship

  • Provide and closely supervise qualified subcontractors for site-specific specialty work such as SWPPP Plans and Storm Water Compliance, Survey, Soils Testing, etc. 

Site Specific Methodology

  • Provide community outreach and notification to maintain positive community relations

  • Maintain highest possible safety standards

  • Generate and monitor project schedules to ensure timely completion of anticipated work

  • Procure all required materials necessary for timely completion of the anticipated work

  • Perform all utility locations of known underground obstructions prior to excavation

  • Mobilize all necessary men and equipment in cost effective and timely manner

  • Provide and monitor work involving specialty subcontractors through final completion

  • Ensure all installations are properly tested and inspected and comply with requirements

  • Coordinate final project completion and close out in close conjunction with personnel

  • At project close out, provide all necessary warranties and guarantees as required

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