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Artukovich is a family owned and operated construction company founded 1919 and has extensive project history that spans most of California. Nearly 100-years old, Artukovich has completed over $2,000,000,000 of work with over 5,000,000 feet of pipeline including some of California’s most massive underground water, sewer and storm drain pipelines including the Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct, Colorado River Aqueduct and San Diego Aqueduct.


Artukovich began contracting with the City of Los Angeles and the Department of Water and Power as a sewer pipeline contractor. In 1923, Artukovich installed Los Angeles County Sanitation District’s first pipeline. In the twenties and thirties, Artukovich installed sewer pipelines mostly within Southern California but quickly moved into water and storm drain pipelines in the mid 1930’s, and grew into one of California’s most prominent leaders in underground construction.


One of Artukovich’s oldest exceptional waterline projects dates back to 1941. The company installed the Palos Verde Feeder Pipeline; 60,000 feet of 36-inch steel water line for the Metropolitan Water District. Another momentous project took place in 1951 when the company laid over 90,000 feet of 72-inch steel pipe for the San Francisco Water Department. In 1953, Artukovich made history in Los Angeles County by installing 12,000 feet of 12-foot diameter sewer pipeline; the largest in the county’s history, utilizing the largest available crane at the time.


Vido Artukovich emigrated from Herzegovina in search of the American Dream in 1912 and began working in pipeline construction for Vusich Construction. He was an assiduous worker and determined to understand all  aspects of the pipeline construction business. Vido was able to save enough money to go into business with his two Croatian cousins, Jerry and John Artukovich; they created Artukovich Brothers in 1919. When the three men decided to go their separate ways, they did so without reverting to lawyers and long-winded legal proceedings. They simply divided all their equipment and assets into equal piles and drew straws.


After the split in 1950, Vido continued with Vido Artukovich Company which later became Vido Artukovich & Son, Inc. The company grew to new heights with the help of his son Anthony and his son-in-law Leo Majich. After Vido’s passing in 1964, Anthony became president of the company and furthered its success with his hard working approach. Anthony continues to have an uncanny ability to walk onto a job site and within five minutes assess what is right and wrong with the project. Today three Artukovich’s run the company; Anthony and his progeny Vido and Mark. The brothers are equal partners, Mark runs the estimating and administrative side of the business and Vido supervises field operations. In 1987, Vido and Mark partnered in their own construction company called Vidmar Inc., which works together as a joint venture with Artukovich. Today, Vido’s son (Mark) works as a Foreman and Mark’s son (Anthony) works in estimating.


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